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Every city has its own unique story, and lifecache creates an experience that allows people to adventure through cities and explore the wonders and experiences found at locations all around. Through an engaging AR experience, lifecache allows users, creators, and businesses to guide people to locations to discover moments that uniquely exist at a place that gives life to the moment. As people explore moments all around the city, those adventures leave a lasting impression that define their travel experience

lifecache uses Augmented Reality technology to capture and relive the moments you create. AR is a unique technology that allows you to experience the world in new ways through a lens which blends the digital world with the physical world around you. Understanding the inherent relationship between the moments we experience and the locations where they took place, lifecache is about the "location based experience". One which engages the senses as you interact with a trail of moments at different places superimposed onto the locations where they occurred. lifecache brings absolute innovation to the video photo sharing experience.

lifecache allows for 360 degree content creators to easily post and share their unique content in a brand new way where their captures exist at the locations where they took place. The immersive nature of 360-Degree content makes for a transcendent exploration of moments that make you feel as if you are present inside.

The Mobile Experience

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Currently, there is powerful AR technology integrated into all new generation smart phones that can produce incredible immersive experiences.

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The Portal

The lifeache Cloud Portal allows immersive content such as 360 videos and photos to be managed, uploaded and pushed to any location for users to enjoy. Use lifecache reporting & analytics to view key data such as content engagement rates, location performance metrics, user sentiment information and more.

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The Wearable Future

lifecache is developed with a dual trackmindset, on one hand understanding the value of the mobile AR experience available to the masses today, while on the other hand realizing the evolution in technology and the emergence of mixed reality headsets which are set to become the next global mass medium. lifecache will seamlessly integrate with the headset devices.

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Refresh Miami

Who said you can’t be in two places at once? Meet lifecache, an AR startup for travel/tourism content creators+

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The Makings of A Moment Over the next few weeks our team at @lifecacheapp will be giving glimpses into our development process. • This video condenses months of iteration on our ‘Moments’ module in an experience we aim to bring to the world very soon! @MadewMagicLeap

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